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Da Net Crib
Shawn, Richie, and Drake

Da Net Crib

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Pimps Of The Old K~town...

Shawn Hartman

This is to Special Fred... Dude, there is way to much to remember, and not enough space to put everything. We've done so much $hit since we were like nine! Remember all the times goin' to WV, and how my grandma thinks you're the worst kid on the planet. Remember GUY IN HOCKEY MASK!, and ridin' around on the quads... all the nights stayin' up and talkin' to Gin and Sharon on the speaker phone. Remember hookin' the amps up and pointin' them out the window @ 2:00 A.M. Definitely remember the k~town days... it's too bad it all had to die like that, we were livin' the high life man! Remember all the times @ Blazin' with Special Jed, and all the times we used to break stuff @ your house. Remember bustin' the windows out of the one building below, and your dad came down yellin' and threw you! Good luck with Randi man, you may be a bit obsessive (at least I think you are), but all relationships start out that way, so good luck to the both of you. Later man!

Richie Klowak

Dude... I hate to say it, but what happened to you?! I'm sorry, but I think you do think about sex a little too much... Maybe if you stopped k~town might become what it used to be. Well anyway, sup Mr. Abdomen of Satan? Remember all the times in k~town... we were livin' like kings, those were the days. Maybe when school starts we can get k~town back... Your grandma is psycho! Oh well, you'll have that. Remember goin' to the trailer park, sneakin' into that one trailer, and then leavin' my hat there! That was stupid... Well man, I guess I'll ttyl...

Drake Cousins

Sup Pony? Wtf?! You moved! That's gay man, ever since you disappeared into the woods of Adrian, nothin's been the same. Every time I step foot in k~town I have five people come up to me and ask, "Where's Drake?!" You need to come back man, everything's just dead without the Pony. You need to come stay in wo~town for a little, we can go see some old peeps, maybe when school starts we can get k~town back. Dude, did you have to fail? Now I got to go to KHS all by myself (I just realized that's a Linkin Park song!) Dude, never forget Creation, that was awesome man! Kitty Kat go meow! I had so much fun, and that Toby Mac concert was sweet! Remember Fullerton's class, she was  such a b!tch! Oh well, I'm out of KAMS now! Don't forget when we were in Hersheypark's Arcade, and we broke that raft game thing! And then I got that really cute pic taken with Gin, and got the sweet hat! Remember the k~town life, never forget any of them days, or any of them people. Later Ponyboy!

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