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Da Net Crib
Meghan, Cole, and Leslie

Da Net Crib

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Gurlz Of The Old And New School

Meghan Murphy

Meggie-Poo! Sup Meg? You're awesome... never forget KAMS... it's just a memory now! Remember Mrs. Baillie's class, "You guys are never sitting beside each other again!", and two days later we're sittin' side by side! That class was great... remember the day when there was no substitute, and we messed around all period... then the next day we all got punished! Remember lunch, and all the food fights. I'll never forget when we put spaghetti in each other's hair! That was such a mess, and Mrs. Fullerton never had any tolerance for either of us! Remember all the guys you went out with, and how you were always afraid to hold hands or sit together... I practially had to set everything up for you! I can't wait until Blazin' and you're group get together! We're goin' to stomp you! Just messin'... never forget me, or KAMS, because I never will! Later Meg!

Nicole Bowser

Nikki Cole Bumble Bee (I know how you hate that) sup?! So many memories, and hopefully we'll make more, and show KHS we're awesome! Remember all the times with Meghan, Leslie, Randi, etc. Always remember how all you guys were always fighting! Remember when we fought with Randi, fought with Leslie, fought with just about everyone else! Well anyways, always remember Fullerton's class... she hated me! I swear, she had 0% tolerance for me, Drake, or Palko! Oh well, we made that class fun! Remember lunch, and all the food fights! See you @ KHS Cole!
(Sorry Cole, but...) You HAVE TO  see Cole's Past Page! Go To:

Leslie Malace

Lester! Sup?! Oh man, remember everything! KAMS was great... I can't believe us, we were crazy! Remember how we always fought, then the next minute we were friends! We were messed up in the head! Remember the "Leslie Moments" book. That was so funny! You guys were insane! You all should have just dyed your hair blonde... that would have explained a lot of you're problems! Remember lunch time, and how we used to beat the crap out of each other... remember the whole Randi stage, and how you were either mad at me, or we were mad at her! Well Lester, see you @ KHS this year!

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