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Da Net Crib
Ashley, Angel, and Sara

Da Net Crib

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The #1 Ladiez

Ashley Carlson

Sup Stoner?! Just kiddin'... Sup my sista? We have gone through so much in school! I know you'll never forget Art Class with Ms. Barnett. That was the best class I've ever been in! Remember the time I slept on the shelf... and remember how I used to always do that thing with your shoulders (the used to work before something happened) Remember when the little 6th graders interviewed me for basketball, and I don't even play basketball! Remember throwin' clay @ the walls and gettin' on the comps and listenin' to music. Remember when we had class down in the art room... that was awesome! I hate to bring it up, but always remember (even though you may not want to) the day I had to play lifeguard... you have to admit, that was a great day! Then remember the next day @ school, everyone knew! Definitely remember the last three days of school... they were boring but fun @ the same time! Remember everything, because I know I'll never forget you! Luv ya sis!

The Warehouse

Hey Angel! Never forget all the times in and out of school. Remember the days of the old k~town... Richie, Drake, Shawn, and I did rule the town! Remember all the times @ Richie's house. And dear God, remember that one night... I thought Moses was goin' to beat the $hit out of me (actually... he was) I don't know what I was thinkin'... oh well. Remember hangin' out down @ the folk festival... you guys are all messed up... eatin' pizza on the roof of Family Dollar! I think I'll see you in school... I'm not sure if you passed or not... Oh well, later girl!

Sara Steim

Hey Sara! Remember all the times! School was great with you... you and desy are hilarious! Remember all the times in Barnett's class... remember Eddie (A.K.A. Brad) and Scheuy... they were hilarious. Remember all the times I got wrote up by her, she really didn't like me! Remember how Eddie and Scheuy used to get pics of half naked girls and put them on the board! Remember Crazy Eye's class! That was the most boring class, but @ the same time it was cool cause we didn't even do any work! Everytime I see you somewhere you blow me off! Oh well, I guess you're just too embarressed to be with me in public :( ... Well I'll see you this year in school... I know we'll have all kinds of good times again! Later Sara!

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